Chairman, COA

  • The Chairman, through GAD Focal Point, shall be responsible for ensuring that GAD activities are provided with adequate resources which shall be within the benchmark as authorized under the Annual General Appropriations Act.

GAD Focal Point

  • Tasks to catalyze and facilitate the institutionalization of gender mainstreaming and women’s empowerment within COA
  • Advocates for, coordinates, guides and monitors the development and implementation of the Commission’s GAD Plan and GAD-related programs, projects and activities
  • Responsible for the preparation of the over-all plan, direction, budget, supervision and monitoring of programs, projects and activities, and accomplishment report in accordance with the COA’s Organizational Performance Indicator Framework (OPIF), as well as in the coordination and linkages with other government agencies and private institutions. It shall see to it that policies and procedures are constantly modified and improved to make them gender responsive.


  • Repository of all records and documents of the GAD Focal Point and the Committees.
  • Assists the GAD Focal Point in the preparation of the Notice of Meeting, Minutes of the Meeting, during the conduct of meetings as well as in the preparation and consolidation of reports.

Gender Audit Committee

  • Responsible for formulating policies and monitoring the implementation and reporting of the programs, projects and activities with respect to gender audit.

Protection on Women Committee

  • Responsible for the programs, projects and activities of the Commission focusing on protection of women in support of the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW), including Violence Against Women (VAW)

Finance Committee

  • Responsible for initiating the preparation of the GAD Plan and Budget as well as appropriating the budget for the GAD programs, projects and activities of the Commission based on the OPIF

Personnel Welfare Committee

  • Responsible for concerns and issues relating to personnel matters and health and wellness, including the operation of the Day Care Center and facilities of the COA Fitness Center in the Central Office

Regional GAD Committee

  • Responsible for coordinating and consolidating the proposals and reports of the regional offices of the Commission, as well as assisting the GAD Focal Point in recommending GAD policy matters concerning the regions;

Training and Advocacy Committee

  • Responsible for designing and implementing all GAD trainings and seminars as well as providing assistance to the Regional Offices in the implementation of their GAD trainings and seminars supporting GAD’s programs, projects and activities of the Commission

Environment and Disaster Awareness Committee

  • Responsible for designing plans and programs regarding protection and preservation of the environment, and disaster preparedness and assistance

Website Development and Maintenance Committee

  • Responsible for the publication, communication and information dissemination of GAD issues and concerns of the Commission, regular updating of the COA-GAD webpage as well as in establishing links with the websites of other concerned agencies and institutions.