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Day Care Center

  • was established to provide substitute mothering to the pre-school children of COA employees ranging from 3 to 5 years old to alleviate their worries of their children’s welfare while at work.
  • is a non-profit project of the Gender Focal Point.
  • is a working collaboration of child care teachers, parents and gender Focal Point officials and members to make a program which will promote children’s development to prepare them for elementary education.


The COA Day Care Center (DCC) was founded in 1999 by the Philippine Government Audit Services Employees’ Association (PhilGASEA) to serve the child care needs of COA employees while they are at work. In 2005, the PhilGASEA President, Mr. Mario L. Ortega, proposed to the Chair, COA-GAD Focal Point, the transfer of the DCC management to the said Focal Point.

On December 14, 2005, the Focal Point took over the full management of the DCC. The Sub-committee on Personnel Welfare, chaired by Ms. Minda Q. Lagumbay, managed the new center.

Under the leadership of Assistant Commissioner Emma M. Espina, the new DCC focused on the following activities/projects:

  • revising the guidelines on admission requirements, fees, class schedule and daily lessons;
  • improving, among other things, the facilities, equipment, day care supplies and materials;
  • empowering the teacher in charge by sending her to Day Care trainings to upgrade her knowledge and skills in DCC management; and
  • introducing Catechism to Day Care management.
Day Care Activities
The design of the children’s daily schedule at the DCC was improved to move the children ahead developmentally, get the child ready for early education school and teach him essential social skills.
8:308:45Arrival/Greeting Time
Free play and light physical exercises
8:4510:00Lesson proper –Monday and Wednesday
       English, Basic Computer, Health and
Tuesday and Thursday
       Filipino, Civics and Math
       Physical Education and Storytelling
10:0010:15Break Time/Snack Time
10:1511:00Supervised Playtime (Team building
11:0011:30Dress up and Pick up Time
11:3012:00Cleaning Time
12:001:00Lunch break
1:003:00Nap Time
3:003:15Snack Time
3:154:00Supervised Playtime/Coloring/Tracing/Browsing Exercise
4:004:30Dress up and Pick up Time
4:305:00Cleaning time for the DCC workers
  5:00Closing Time