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To provide high quality early child education and values development to children ages 3 to 5 of COA employees in a safe and nurturing setting while their parents are at work.

To provide high quality child care accessible to COA parents.

The Day Care Center aims to provide the children with the following:

  • Spiritual and social values development such as sharing, respect for elders an other Filipino values;
  • Physical motor development through games and plays;
  • Cognitive/mental abilities development through games, poems, storytelling and singing;
  • Social and human relations development through play;
  • Personal development through interactions;
  • Language competency development through poems, singing, games and storytelling;
  • The ability to recite the alphabet in Pilipino and English;
  • The ability to recognize shapes, sizes and colors;
  • Encouragement of language through talking, reading and singing;
  • Activities which will develop a positive sense of cooperation, helping and sharing;
  • Experimentation with pre-writing and pre-reading skills;
  • Daily opportunities to play with variety of objects;
  • Opportunities to begin to learn to care for themselves;
  • A chance to develop some independence, and
  • Comfort and safety during office hours.