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Major Awards

  • The Gawad Kahusayan is conferred on group of employees (maximum of 10 members) for extraordinary performance of service and continuous demonstration of competency and capacity in the execution of work.
  • The Gawad Karangalan is conferred on each individual coming from three position levels who is at least five years in service for performance of extraordinary act or public service and demonstration of exemplary ethical behavior.
  • The Gawad Kagitingan is conferred to an employee for performance of courageous and selfless act for the common good and/or benefit of others, which may be related to public service.
  • The Gawad Katangi-tanging Pinuno is conferred to an official from SA V or its equivalent (SG-26) up to Assistant Commissioner (SG-29) who demonstrated exemplary leadership and outstanding achievements in his work.

Incentive Awards

  • Loyalty Milestone – An incentive given to an employee who has served the Commission for at least 40 years.
  • Most Productive Retiree – This is a gift given to a retired employee who has remained productive and contributed greatly in the community.
  • Career Development – An incentive given to employees who have completed doctorate or master’s degree relevant to COA functions with honors or who have placed in the top 10 of the Bar or Board Exam.
  • Audit Team with Outstanding Report – This is conferred to an audit team/group whose audit reports/findings became the main basis of a final decision and executory decision of adjudicating bodies on criminal or administrative case.


  1. Announcement: Announcements of nominations are sent out to offices on fourth quarter of every year.
  2.  Submission: For NCR employees, nominations shall be submitted to Central Office. For employees in the region, nominations and corresponding documents shall be submitted to Regional Office PRAISE Committee  on or before the announced date of deadline.
  3.  Evaluation: PRAISE Committee will evaluate supporting documents and select deserving nominees.
  4. Conferment: Conferment of award is held during the COA Week Celebration.